Waresix is focused on optimizing logistics by making the process more transparent for clients and more efficient for haulage companies and truckers. Provide a one-stop solution for transportation by land or sea, as well as cold storage and general cargo handling.

Waresix connects shippers and businesses with available warehouses and trucks across Indonesia, providing better transparency, quality of service and improved incomes for asset owners.

Our technology will seamlessly merge data analytics with the logistics infrastructure to give businesses complete control of their goods and maximise our suppliers’ space utilisation. This way, Waresix ensures fast and reliable transportation, while keeping supply chain costs low and predictable.


PT Tibeka Logistik Indonesia

Gandaria 8 Office Tower, #27D Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda No.10 Jakarta Selatan

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Lowongan Pekerjaan di PT Tibeka Logistik Indonesia

A financial planner's primary role is to assist clients with creating personal budgets; establishing objectives for saving; minimizing, control

Full Time

  • Berkoordinasi dengan tim terkait untuk rencana pengambilan dan pengantaran dokumen DO.
  • Membuat rencana kerja satu hari sebelum p

Full Time

Greet people entering the office, answering any questions, providing directions and alerting staff when someone is there to meet or visit them.


An account executive is generally expected to maintain and manage relationship with clients and act as a key person between the company and clients

Full Time

As a Sales Officer, you will be responsible for developing sales programs that maximize sales from the assigned accounts to the target account

Full Time

  • Verify Tax Liability in every Vendor Invoice, Purchases and other Financial Transaction before process payment of Account Payable
Full Time

Manajer Internal Audit adalah seseorang yang memiliki tugas untuk mengendalikan siklus audit, menentukan ruang lingkup audit internal, melakuk

Full Time