With a background of people who have experience and expertise in the field of aluminium profiles, also been in the residential window doors sector for a long time, we merged into a team which became known as GREENALU.

Officially in 2010, we started operations and became the first and largest pioneer in Sumatra for aluminium finished goods products in the architectural segment such as doors, windows, partitions, etc. And in a short time, we have succeeded in reaching various regions in Indonesia. every product we design not only has high performance but is also able to reflect the identity of the user, while also taking part in protecting the environment by selecting materials that are easily recycled.

With continuous innovation, GREENALU continues to improve its services and continues to develop its potential and begins to expand into the international market to realise a dream home that is comfortable and harmonious, by our motto, "Making Your Home A Better Place".


CV. Green Aluminium

Jalan Pluit Karang Utara Blok J1S No. 10-10A

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GreenAlu, berdiri sejak tahun 2010. Sebagai salah satu pelopor untuk produk Pintu & Jendela Aluminium Premium di Indonesia.

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